Freedom in Christ

28 Apr 2019

By Nicki Ward

I’d really like to recommend the Freedom in Christ course to you. It is a discipleship course for new converts and growing Christians alike. As a church, we want to live out our God-given identities and grow into the people God has purposed us to be, individually and as the body of Christ. Therefore, we believe in sound biblical teaching that will help you to understand the Gospel in a practical way.

When I first completed this course I realized just how crucial it was to understand our identity in Christ and what has already been achieved for us at the cross. I found it to be a time of reflection, of renewing my mind with God’s truth and of seeking and finding a deeper relationship with Jesus. Over the years I have seen so many people take hold of who they are in Christ, resolve personal and spiritual conflicts through genuine repentance, and move on to maturity.

In summary, the course teaches us how we can:

Live out our identity in Christ

Break through to spiritual maturity

Resolve issues from our past

Uncover strongholds and deception

Become a genuinely fruitful disciple

Now, let’s find out what our graduates say after completing the course.

“Before taking Freedom In Christ course, I was not at peace, the peace of God did not exist in me. After completing it, I learnt that Jesus is fighting my battles, the peace of God is internal and not external. I developed dependence and a personal relationship with Christ. I learnt and I am still learning to break the hold of the past.” – Dr Sangeeta

“I’m so thankful for this course. Before the Lord begun to transform my life, I was living under the life of vises, I’m a hot tempered person, always talking bad words which are not pleasing to God. I’m not perfect but God loves me despite my flaws and imperfections. I choose to disobey him. Thankfully, the Freedom In Christ course has had a big impact on my life. The teachings, encouragement and prayer made my life start to change. I realize how big God’s love for me is. He promises that we can have a genuine relationship with Him through faith. Like Roman 6:22, I realize and remembered my sinful life before, but now I’m free from that sin and become slave of God. After the course, months later I started to see some radical change, I still have problems, but I had the problem solver inside me which is the word of God. I overcome my addictions/vises that change my life. Now I no longer walk in fear but in faith and victory.” – Joseph

“The course has helped me to realize and exercise the authority we are given in, and through, Christ. It helped me to be free from my own personal bondage and strongholds that I didn’t even realize existed. It helped me to overcome the lies I was unconsciously believing and telling myself especially when we took the steps to freedom in Christ it was life changing I felt a lot lighter and empowered. I would encourage all to join Freedom In Christ.” – Sumbal

“My life, like anyone’s, has its challenges: in my home, in my marriage, in my work. I was always quietly angry, resentful, feeling disconnected, guilty for not spending enough time with God. At work I was pulled, all my time focused on that, stressed, busy, busy, busy… running here and there, excelling. During the FIC course my situation in work and home accelerated to the point where I couldn’t cope. All of a sudden my work was unsatisfactory, I was under observation, I was in the office because they were concerned about me. I had a breakdown. Not normally a safe place to do- you would expect it to be at church right? But God let me know that this team of unbelievers; my line managers and heads, were sent to support me in this time (and I told them so!). I was able to talk about Him, glorify him, talk about the course, about my journey… they were baffled. Admittedly when starting the course, I was expecting, seeking a power encounter to come and fix everything in my life. But sitting in Nicki’s lounge, I had a truth encounter; overwhelmed by peace which I have walked in ever since. I encountered that I needed to forgive my Dad for forgetting about me, my Mum for emotionally rejecting me and for being an alcoholic. I was angry towards her. My marriage, God given and divinely moulded, has been painful at times and a tool that God has used to shape my life. But I harbored anger and resentment which I thought I did not have. It was revealed to me.

In the weeks leading up to the steps of freedom, I had the most severe headaches, I wasn’t sleeping, the FIC group and Angie were praying for me… I had brief moments of relief… but it would come back. On the Thursday whilst doing the steps, I would be renouncing the enemy, lies, unforgiveness, deception and strongholds over my life… at each stage the enemy had my head in a vice, like it wanted to explode, Nicki prayed. It released. We carried on. Next he put a hot poker in my head, Nicki prayed. It released. It got worse and worse. At one point, she was concerned and wanted to stop but I recognized what was happening that I was making progress. We finished. I have not had headaches since. I am peaceful. Situations will still happen. I am secure in my identity in Him. At work, as a result they gave me a full weekly management release day (I was doing jobs of 2 people), removed workload, regularly check on me personally. Miraculously in the next round of observations I was back on top. It came as a climax right before the steps. I have peace, peace, peace. Through the FIC group I have found a true group of friends.”

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