He carries me in the palm of His hand!

26 Jun 2019

By Connie Pereira

It was Saturday 1st June. I awoke to find out that my husband Camy had already left for work (it is not often that I have the house to myself on a Saturday morning). I was so happy that I could now turn on, at full volume, my favourite worship songs and sing along. I lifted my heart to God, praising and thanking Him for His steadfast love and the everlasting faithfulness that He has bestowed upon me during the past three decades of my walk with Him. I concluded my prayer with declarations of my faith and trust in Him. I proclaimed that I am the apple of His eye and I acknowledged, with deep gratitude, that He carries me in the palm of His hand.

As every Saturday evening, I left home at 5pm to attend the King’s Hosts, Sharjah Ladies Prayer Meeting and on the way I picked up two of the other ladies who also attend. We were running late by 20 minutes, so on the spur of the moment I decided to use a different route from my normal one. There was no traffic, nor any reason that I can think of now, but I felt prompted to take a diversion before climbing the Al Khan bridge. It was a narrow road with several car repair workshops on either side. Due to the Ramadan timings the street was empty and deserted and all (but one) of the workshops were closed. The workshop at the corner seemed to be open with a few men working in it.

As we drove past that corner, just one meter away from the foot of the bridge, my car jerked and shuddered forward, as if it had been rammed forcefully from behind. We were confused as there was no other car around, and as I tried to drive towards a small sandy area ahead, I was shocked and horrified to realise that my brakes had failed. I kept pushing down with my foot….harder and harder….but nothing. It is only God’s grace that kept me from panicking and allowed me to think straight. I recalled some tips given to me by my son David for when the regular brake fails (I really cannot remember exactly what it was that I did), and the car somehow stopped in the sandy area. Suddenly then, it came to mind that surely He carries me in His palm.

We got out of the car to inspect the damage. It was at that moment that we noticed one of the men from the corner workshop (the only one that was open), handing me what appeared to be two blackened pieces of metal. Seeing my puzzled expression, he explained that the brake pad had broken and fallen off.

“What, the brake pad had not only broken, but fallen off”?

When told of this, everyone including my office colleagues, were flabbergasted and said it was the first time they have heard of such a thing. The reality of the situation hit me only then and my hands started shaking. All at once I realised how a whole lot of “coincidences” had saved our lives.

WHAT IF we were not running late?
WHAT IF we had not changed our route?
WHAT IF that one corner workshop was not open?
WHAT IF the car had not stopped in the sand?
WHAT IF the road was not deserted?
WHAT IF it had happened while climbing the bridge?
WHAT IF it had happened the previous or next day, on a normal work/traffic day?

We asked the mechanic why it was that only his shop was open and no other. He not only told us that his shop worked 24/7 but to our amazement, also said that they are specialised in brakes and brake pads! The workshops around (which were closed) worked on the other parts like tyres, electrical, etc.

We were totally overwhelmed by God’s mercy and goodness. How good is our God!

The technician directed us to where we could buy the replacement brake pads (10 minutes’ walking distance from his workshop). God even saw in my heart my apprehension about only using genuine parts – the shop had a bold display saying “We sell genuine Toyota Parts”. (It was so unbelievable!). Since the shop only opened at 8:30pm, we were able to attend the King’s Host meeting and have the car fixed on our way home. By 9:30pm we were home and thanking God for his goodness and mercy.

I take this opportunity to thank my King’s Host sisters, who were with me as an extended hand of God. This is the love and relationship we preach at City Hill, this is the God we serve and this is the Kingdom we belong to.

Lesson learnt:
Do not neglect or ignore the nudge of the Holy Spirit in your daily walk. If you do, you risk making a habit of drowning out His voice…be it in the matter of caring for an automobile, or in the matter of temptation and sin.

Psalm 37:23 – 

“The Lord directs the steps of the one who delights in Him, (He delights in every details of his life), Though he may stumble, he will never fall, for the Lord upholds him with his hand.”

All glory and honour to our God Almighty. Amen

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