There Is Power In This Name

21 Jun 2017

By Fusi Mokoena

My brother works for a fairly large nature reserve group in South Africa. The group owns quite a few big game reserves and nature reserves. A few months ago I happened to travel to South Africa and during my stay I decided to visit one of the game parks. When I got there I quickly remembered that my brother works for the company and as I was checking into the park I made sure I mentioned my brother’s name. The person behind the counter quickly changed his attitude, and his treatment towards me was so nice after I told him; he even offered me much more than I was expecting. In fact the entire time I was in the park, I kept mentioning him to the employees and every time I’d get such good treatment. It’s true that some names have power. You might have experienced something similar before, either in your company, your community or even your family.

How to use and not use Jesus’ name:

The Bible tells us in Philippians that at the name of Jesus, every knee will bow in heaven and on earth and under the earth. It goes further to say that Jesus has the name that is above every name. When Peter and John entered the temple for a prayer meeting, a lame beggar was sitting at the gate. He asked them for money and they didn’t have any to offer him, but what they had they were willing to give to him. They had the name of Jesus and with that name they were able to give this man something far more valuable than silver and gold combined. The man was able to walk for the first time. The name of Jesus has the power to do the impossible.

When you read Acts 19, you pick up another story where the sons of Sceva have overheard Paul use the name of Jesus to heal the sick and perform extraordinary acts. These sons of Sceva decide to do something similar. Luke tells us that the man with an unclean spirit flogged them and overpowered them. When you read what they were doing you find that they were evoking a name they knew nothing about. They said, “In the name of Jesus whom Paul preaches,” instead of, “In the name of Jesus.” They did not believe in the name of Jesus, for them this name was just like a magic wand you wave to draw attention to yourself.

Power to do what?

The name of Jesus has power for those who believe. We pray in the name of Jesus because we know it is only through Him will we have access to the Father. We heal the sick in the name of Jesus. This is what Peter and John did, which means we can do it and it does work. We cast out demons in the name of Jesus, Paul did it and it worked. We receive salvation in Jesus’ name. Paul tells us in Romans 10:13 that those who call on His name will be saved.

Use what you have:

In Dubai you can buy a book called the ‘Entertainer’. It contains vouchers for restaurants and attractions across Dubai, Sharjah and the UAE. The only reason you buy this book is to get the vouchers. You can only get the discount if you present the voucher when you ask for the bill. I try to always buy one of these books but sometimes I forget to use the voucher and I end up paying a lot of money for my meals.

As believers, we have something much better than a restaurant meal voucher. We have something that can do more than that, we have the name of Jesus. It’s not for sale, it’s free and always available to us. The question is, how often do we remember to use this name? Or I could go further to ask this question: do we believe this name has power? If we do believe, let it always be on our tongues for the glory of God. There is definitely power in the name of Jesus.

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