Vision 2018

16 Jan 2018

By Fusi Mokoena

‘Vision is a picture of the future that produces passion and energy.’ 

Those are Bill Hybels’ words and I fully agree with him. Vision opens the curtain of the future to allow us the opportunity to see what is to come, it also makes it possible for us to know how to get there. Without vision we fidget and panic about the future, and we forget where we are heading. Therefore, it is so important for us to be a people of vision.

Another word for Prophet in the Old Testament is ‘Seer’. That is because Old Testament prophets were visionaries. They lived in the future, and were given, by God, the desire and responsibility to restore hope to the nation (Israel) and to stir energy and enthusiasm about the future. In the New Testament, we see how the church of Jesus Christ has become a prophetic community, a community with the desire and responsibility to restore hope to the world, and without vision, the church gets stuck and forgets why it exists.

At City Hill, our vision statement goes like this; we desire to be a “Christ-centred, gospel advancing, city impacting church”. This vision is supported by four key pillars and they are: Gospel, Community, Culture/City and Movement.

We launched our vision in 2017 and each year, we will set milestones to help us fulfil the vision entrusted to us. Our vision gives us a glimpse of the future and also creates passion and energy in the present. In 2018 we are believing God together for the following:


We want to see spirit-filled women who understand their identity in God and are released to use their spiritual gifts within the body of Christ. Therefore, we have an exciting women’s event planned for 2018.

We want to see spirit-filled men who are on fire for Jesus and for his word. Therefore, we will start our Men’s Bible and Breakfast gatherings once every month.

Community :

Our community groups are called Citigroups and this year we would like to strengthen our Citigroups as well as plant more of them.

In order strengthen our Citigroups, we will launch our new pastoral team, whose responsibility is to support and encourage our Citigroup leaders.

We are also launching our ‘Freedom in Christ’, ‘Marriage Counselling’ and ‘Debt Management’ courses in 2018.

City & Culture:

We want to engage with our city, so we are planning some community events that will help us interact with our culture more.

We also have projects in the pipeline to help us reach out to the brokenhearted.


As City Hill we want to grow and expand, and this year we are planting another church.

We will also send teams to the nations with three overseas trips for 2018.

The purpose of all that we are planning to do in 2018 is not to try and keep ourselves busy, but to take steps forward towards fulfilment of the greater vision God has given to us. This is not a one man job, it is a community responsibility. We can accomplish more together than apart. City Hill, let us embrace the task with enthusiasm and with joy.

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