What is ADDED and what is it all about?

9 May 2019

If you are reading this, you are probably new to City Hill and wondering what ADDED is all about. You are not alone. We as a church are here to help you to understand more about it and why completing this membership course is essential to your spiritual growth as a new member of our church family.

Becoming a member in City Hill is not about taking a membership class and you are done. It means that you commit to embracing the people and the vision of City Hill. Members of the church have made a commitment to accept Jesus as their Lord and Saviour and serve within His church.

When joining a new church, we believe it is important for our new members to learn more about City Hill, our story, our vision, our values and our style. It is where people also get to hear about our involvement in the wider body of Christ around the world. It is through our ADDED course that you will be able to ask questions about the church as well as find out how you can be part of the action.

1. Is ADDED membership course mandatory?

It is not mandatory, however we encourage you to take the course to discover for yourself all about City Hill, our story, our vision, our values and our style. It will be mandatory for everyone who decides to serve in the church.

2. When is the ADDED course?

We will announce the next ADDED course in our weekly newsletter and social media so please keep your eyes peeled for the update. In the meantime, you can also sign up first by clicking here.

3. I have signed up, what happens now?

After you have signed up, someone from our team will be in touch with you to give you all the details.

4. What’s the course duration and where?

The course usually takes about two hours in a relaxed setting. Your course coordinator will bring you to one of the meeting rooms in the same building as the church.

5. Can I become a member if I am not a believer?

Many unbelievers become part of the City Hill community, enjoying the friendship, vibe and teaching whilst they take time to explore the claims and teachings of Christ. Crossing the line of faith is the moment that you become part of “the body of Christ” which is the worldwide church consisting of all believers. This step needs to be taken before crossing the line of membership to the local church. Why not do that now? Or if you need more time, please remain fully part of our City Hill community whilst you consider becoming a Christian.

Let’s hear what the others have to say after completing the ADDED course…

“I am really pleased to have been on City Hill’s Added course with my husband. It answered a lot of our questions and gave us a chance to build relationships with others in the body we hadn’t known before. For me one of the most crucial parts was learning about Regions Beyond’s values. I was already convinced that we were like-minded in teaching and worship but it was important for me to get a bigger picture of the wider family we are part of and what it holds as important. I found that there are 11 core values: being faithful to scripture, fulfilled and motivated by grace, empowered by the Holy Spirit, there for one another’s success, intentional about diversity, embracing the poor, devoted to missions, enthusiastically servant hearted, humbly led by gifted leadership teams, celebrating the centrality of the local church and shaped by the prophetic. I am very thankful to God for bringing us to a church in Dubai that holds all these crucial areas as important – not just building up us in the church itself, but reaching out into Dubai and the nations.”

Nicki Ward

I’m thankful for Added, which helped me to understand much more about City Hill church’s vision, core values, and its wider connection to Regions Beyond. It is a great session for anyone who is new to City Hill to want to dive deeper and address any questions they have about the church. Plus, Fusi was an amazing teacher and engaging speaker. I really enjoyed the course and would highly recommend it. Since completing the course, I can proudly say I’m a part of this wonderful City Hill family here in Dubai.” 

Grace Choong

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